The Shoe School Workshop

In this class you'll learn what shoes you *actually* need, which shoes suit YOU, and how to determine which pair to pair with your outfits year-round so that you can nail your looks from head to toe.


The quickest way to make or break your outfit: SHOES

You know the feeling…

You put the outfit together, and then you go grab for the shoes, look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why it doesn’t quite look right.

Despite what many women realize - there is a lot to know about shoes to understand:

1 - what shoes actually work for you, including the color (yes - shoes are not universal!)

2 - the shoes that work with your outfit and how to determine which pair to wear

3 - how to achieve being comfortable, practical, and also updated and stylish

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to choose shoes for every outfit and every occasion year-round
  • Which shoes you actually need and which shoes are a waste of money
  • Shoes to choose to achieve the feeling you want for your style
  • Appropriate shoes for work to weddings to weekend errands
  • How to determine which shoe COLOR works for you and for your outfit
  • The shoes that harmonize with your body type (not every shoe works for every woman!)
  • What shoes are dated vs updated
  • How to style shoes with pants and bottoms that are different lengths 

This class is for you if:

  • You’re often stumped on what shoes to choose with your outfit
  • You think some of your shoes might be dated, but you aren’t sure what to update them with
  • You follow what influencers are wearing and don’t feel confident in what choices you’re making when it comes to footwear that is stylish and practical
  • You are confused about how to determine which shoes actually work for you!
  • You are sick of shopping for shoes without knowing what to pair them with 
  • When you put an outfit together you don’t feel like you nail the shoes
  • You feel like the shoes you wear don’t always work well with the rest of your outfit

Now you might be thinking…


After the 90 minutes of teaching, there is an additional 15 minutes of Q&A in which women who attended the class (when it was taught live!) asked questions, and I answered in real time. There is also a 10+ page guidebook to accompany the class!


Shoes are the finishing touch that can either INSTANTLY elevate your outfit or INSTANTLY ruin it. You can keep looking at your outfits never quite understanding why it doesn’t feel right - or you can enroll in The Shoe School Workshop and learn once and for all how to complete your looks to perfection.
I can’t wait to blow your mind with how much your style can shift when you learn this key component of every look.

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