The Accessories Workshop

Do you know where an outfit is made?

It’s in the finishing touches.

It’s the details like the right jewelry, belt, and bag that can take your looks to another level. This is the KEY to feeling put-together, easily! 
That’s why I’m teaching The Accessories Workshop.


The power of accessorizing alone can TRANSFORM your looks! And I can’t wait to teach you how.


In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right jewelry for you (your bone structure, scale, and placement!)
  • The exact steps to choosing jewelry to complete your outfits
  • The A-Z of pairing jewelry together in an outfit 
  • The tricks to layering necklaces to perfection
  • How to determine which color metals work together to create a seamless look
  • How to choose belts that work for your body
  • The secrets to knowing when to add a belt - and how to wear it!
  • The process of choosing a bag to level up your look
  • What bags are worth the splurge
  • Determining the difference between outdated and updated accessories

Has this ever happened to you?

You put the outfit together, and then you go to finish it off…

but you’re confused about what jewelry elevates and complements the outfit 

you have seen that belts can add polish, but you feel like it looks funny when you add it

and you’re also stumped on the bag so you grab for the one you wear every day that you’ve had for years (that could be ruining your look!)

If you’re sick of getting frustrated with how to pull outfits together that look effortlessly chic, then The Accessories Workshop is perfect for you!


This class is for you if:

  • You’re often stumped on what jewels to choose with your outfit
  • You think some of your accessories might be dated, but you aren’t sure what to update them with
  • You follow what influencers are wearing and still don’t feel confident in how your outfits are coming together
  • You’re confused about how to wear belts - of if you even should!
  • You are sick of shopping, but feeling like your style never feels complete
  • When you put an outfit together you quite nail it
  • You feel like the way your outfit comes together never quite comes out how you imaged it would 

Now you might be thinking…


After the 90 minutes of teaching, there is an additional 15 minutes of Q&A in which women who attended the class (when it was taught live!) asked questions, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine which jewelry to wear for every occasion 
  • Understand which accessories work for YOU
  • Identify which jewelry, belts, and bags it’s time to part with
  • Shop with intention knowing you don’t need as many clothes as you thought when you have the right accessories!
  • Elevate your outfits with the most important finishing touches
  • Finally understand how to feel put together, effortlessly

Accessories are the finishing touches that can either INSTANTLY elevate your outfit or INSTANTLY ruin it. You can keep looking at your outfits never quite understanding why it doesn’t feel right - or you can enroll in The Accessories Workshop and learn once and for all how to complete your looks to perfection. I can’t wait to blow your mind with how much your style can shift when you learn this key component of every look.

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