Dress Your Body Workshop

The immediate style upgrade you’re looking for.


 It’s time to ditch the dressing room dread, say goodbye to the buyers remorse, and it’s time to step into the style that makes you feel beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with your body - you just need to learn how to dress it!

And once you nail the right clothes that actually work for you - it will change how you look at getting dressed - and all of your future purchases.

Ready to feel put together for an immediate style upgrade?
Say hello to INSTANTLY dressing better - and feeling better - than you’ve felt in years.


Are you sick of wondering why your outfits feel like they don’t quite nail it?

You might often end up criticizing your body, frustrated with your style, and defaulting back to the same looks that you’re bored with. You’re sick of returning clothes that don’t look the same on you as they did on the model or the influencer who shared it. And you’re ready to stop settling for clothes that are just “ok” - wasting your hard earned money that makes you feel guilt when you stare at a closet that’s filled with pieces that are missing the mark. 

Let me teach you, once and for all, what actually works for *you*.


In the Dress Your Body Workshop you’ll learn to determine what your body shape is (without any measuring!) as well as what fits, cuts, fabrics, and outfit combinations work for you.


  • knowing every purchase you make is the right one for you
  • watching an influencer try-on haul and easily filtering through whether you should add to cart vs pass up
  • only taking back to the dressing room clothes that work for your body shape (and looking forward to shopping!)
  • finding clothing in your closet that feels like new because now you know how to style it in a complimentary way
  • realizing why certain pieces never seem to work for you and what to look for instead

… and receiving compliments galore from your newfound style confidence!


This class is for women of every shape and size (as your shape actually doesn’t change with your weight!) so you’ll be able to apply this information now and however your body size might change down the road.


  • 90 minutes of teaching and an additional 20 minutes of Q&A (in which women who attended the class live asked questions in real time!)
  • A thorough guide guidebook with notes and visuals to accompany the class
  • Lifetime access to watch back as many times as you’d like

Now you might be thinking…

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